GreenDrive 1TB Quad Interface GD1000Q

Part No: GD1000Q
NTI Shadow 4 with Ninja for PC and Mac
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The new Fantom Drives GreenDrive Quad Interface hard drive includes all the latest advances in power saving technology plus the convenience of an included eSATA cable and the award-winning NTI Shadow 4 with Ninja software for PC and Mac. Four interface options, USB 2.0, Firewire 400, 800 & eSATA and a maximum throughput of 300MB/s over eSATA, this drive offers the performance youve been missing in other hard disks. Whether you want a place to store your DVD library or need to backup your music, movies, games and other documents, the GreenDrive Quad Interface features all of the ruggedness and durability that youve come to expect from Fantom Drives. NTI Shadow 4 with Ninja provides automatic backup and sharing of files to most any computer or attached storage device on your network. You may choose to schedule backups in various intervals and even select a specific file type with file filtering. Additionally, NTI Shadow 4 features include Ninja encryption software so you can protect your valuable data through loss or theft.

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